What if I don’t see an embroidery that I like?
Here’s what you do. We frequently find our embroidery designs on several embroidery web sites. Some of the embroideries are free. Most are sold at a reasonable price. Go to one of the embroidery sites listed below and look for a design that you like. Then using the “contact” page on our site, send the information to us. You need to tell us which site you found it on, whether it is free or a purchase item. If we are required to purchase the item we will add the purchase amount to your invoice.

Embroidery Library

When we receive your information we will determine the following:

1) How many stitches the embroidery is. If the number of stitches is greater than 20,000 there will be an additional charge to you of $1.50 per thousand stitches.

2) We will test the embroidery to insure that it stitches without any faults and whether it is a quality pattern. If it fails our test we will contact you with that information. You can then search for another embroidery pattern.

What are your blankets made of?
Our blankets are made of the highest quality polyester fleece.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Yes. You may purchase a Gift Certificate for any BabaBean product. We can also mail the recipient a Gift Certificate on your behalf. Gift Certificates do not expire and can be redeemed any time.

Can I order with my credit card?
We use PayPal for our financial transactions. To use your credit card you need to go to PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to make your purchase.

Can you mail me a catalog?
BabaBean does not have a print catalog. Our website is your best guide for all the latest products, fabric styles and new designs. Please bookmark our site and check back frequently as we are always updating our fabric choices.

Are there fillings in your blanket?
Our baby blankets are lightweight and made without any fillings or batting.

How do I care for my blanket?
We recommend a warm or cold-water wash on a normal or gentle cycle without bleach. Tumble dry on a warm setting.

Do you embroider the blanket before it is assembled?
Yes, we embroider before the blanket is assembled so the stitching will not show through on the underside and cause any irritation to babies’ skin.

How long does it take to get a blanket customized?
Making your blanket.
– to make your blanket – 7 to 10 business days

Are your products returnable?
BabaBean will not accept any “customized product” for return.
BabaBean will accept for return any unused product in the original box or any product damaged as a result of shipping. We will not accept any COD’s. Cost of shipping a returned product is the responsibility of the customer.

BabaBean will not accept returns 14 days after the purchase date.
BabaBean manufactures blankets according to the information provided by the customer. In the unlikely event that BabaBean makes an error when putting a name on a blanket we will take full responsibility for fixing the error in a timely fashion. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Trouble ordering from our site?
Email [email protected] for assistance.