Birth Record Blanket – Bubble Minky


Customizing is easy!


Step 1: Choose an embroidery

Step 2: Choose a bubble minky fabric for both top and bottom sides.

Step 3: Enter baby’s name and birth info

Step 4: Add to Basket!

You can confirm everything once it’s in your basket. If you need to make changes, no problem. Just remove the product from your basket and try again.

Embroidered Designs


Baby’s Name

Birth Date

Birth Time

Birth Weight

Example: 7lbs 5oz, or 3.5kg

Birth Length

Example: 18.5 in. or 42 cm


Personalize your own birth record blanket. We’ll make it to order just for you.

Choose separate bubble minky fabrics for both top and bottom. Browse from 100+ embroidery designs. Customize with baby’s birth information, such as name, birthday, and weight. We offer this same blanket with fleece fabric instead of minky HERE.

Size – 44″ x 44″ (112cm x 107cm)